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2019 Services and Products

Professional Services and Products offered in 2019

Critical International LLC will be undergoing some changes in Professional Services and Products offered in 2019.

Changes will include Professional Services to limited to small and medium businesses with the occasional on strict one by one basis for Corporate Customers.   We have always believed in providing Excellent Customer Service and will continue to do so.  Our Core Markets for Products will remain in Production and Wholesale Sales of Automobile Products, catering mainly to the Off Road Communities.  We will continue to offer Retail Products through our other branded websites for sale Domestically.

Products from Marketing will be downsized to focus on our core markets, we will continue to service our small business customers.

Critical Arms will be downsized to min operations in 2019 with the changing environment both domestically and internationally, which will allow the Company to focus on more of the Core Markets which we currently invested.

Lastly, we will be adding Oil Field Wholesale Products which will be limited in scope for 2019.

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