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Where to Begin?

Where do you begin?


Now you have a Great Idea and you have no idea Where to Begin?

No need to worry, here at Critical International, we have you covered.  I, too, have been in the same position.  I have an idea, which I want to make into a store or a service and I did not know overnight how I was going to accomplish my Goals.   So what are your Goals?

  • Financial Security?
  • Independence and choices for a future?
  • Working to support your family?
  • Working for yourself?
  • A brighter future?

They are all great, but you must lay some groundwork, which means you have to write a list of Pros and Cons for starting your own business regardless to what kind of business it will be.   As well, putting together a Plan for Success which is also known as a Business Plan.  A Business Plan is not meant to be a strict Plan of what you want to do, but more like a summary about how your business will operate, what services or products it will sell and your projected statements of profits, losses and roles.   Every business needs to have one, so you will have a guide, they can change as you need them too.  And if you plan on needing an Investor, you will need a business plan to show them.

Critical International’s Professional Consultants can walk you through the process of starting your next big dream.   We have over twenty years of experience in small business retail, speciality retail, wholesale, services, logistics and more.    We work closely with Professionals in other fields such as Auto Body, Auto Sales, Auto shops and Oil Field Sales and Services.

Feel free to contact us for a Free Fifteen Minute Consultation in person in the Houston Metro Area, most days in the morning and some weekends to discuss your dreams.

We also offer Monday to Friday morning appointments by the hour for competitive rates and/or we can come to your business to offer onsite consulting and mentoring.   Please contact us for more information.


* Please note, we do not offer legal services or legal advice. 

Thank you.





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