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Grouping of Auto Parts

2019 and beyond

This year we will continue to grow our e-Commerce business focusing on Auto Parts and specifically Off Roading Parts. We have been diligently looking at various distributors, wholesalers, suppliers and such to provide quality parts to our business. As well as providing quotes to customers for the past two years for parts. As well as recommending through our partners at local shops to complete installations for customers. We will be partnering this year with additional local shops to provide installation services.

We are in the process of updating our main parts website. As part of those updates, the entire database is being updated with new pictures, part numbers and items. We will be adding in other related items from other suppliers which we have used for our past lines in outdoor recreation.

2019-2020 will be a wonderful time for our industry and business. We have an engineer working with us for some new designs which will goto prototyping later this year and testing next year.

In addition to our offroad parts business, we have been receiving local calls for general auto parts and body parts, so we will offer quoting for the DIY market in the North Houston Area with limited deliveries to the customer.