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Spoofing Calls

Spoofing Phone Calls

The new scam hitting businesses and the public is no longer just spoofing emails, but it is spoofing phone calls.  A Phone Freaker, Hacker or just someone with some specific  telecom experience or training along with a computer and IP Phone  can pull this off.  Why you might ask?  Well, the Scammer, is going around blocked phone numbers and creating away to not leave a trail after they scam you.  If your only recourse is to call back the phone number or to use it a police report, then, the innocent party is blamed and the Scammer has put some more time between getting caught or not getting caught as well.

Can you or your business protect yourself from this?   Not unless the Telecom companies come up with a way not to allow two lines with the same active phone number to connect to their systems at the same time.  To make something like this work would be expensive and which would mean all the small and large Telecom companies would have to somewhat interconnected to help guard against the Scammers IP Phones.


We recommend you set up an account with the National Do Not Call Registry.  And every time someone calls which you have no business with, make a report.


We here at Critical International, LLC have even experienced the same problem.  Someone out there is spoofing our phone number.